Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Spartan Style

Yes. That is a Spartan, at an anime convention.

So how goes this week people? Tired? Bored? Don't feel like actually looking for something to read? Then please take a moment to browse through these links. And if you have any of our own by all means share them here. (Also feel free to treat this as an Open Thread.)

It would seem that April is in the midst of starting a new Revolution...

Depression: "Let it teach you compassion for yourself, because you deserve it."

MISANDRY – And False Flag Operations

Nobody Has a Normal Life: Trying to fit one's life into a pre-written script is pretty much doomed to fail.

Do Men Have a Right To Be Angry With Women?: Interesting question.

Feds Spend $499 in Child Support Enforcement for Every $1 for Access and Visitation: Robert Franklin with a math on the differences in spending on child support enforcement and custody/visitation enforcement.

Golden Gate Bridge: What's wrong with trying to prevent suicides?

“I’ve shot men before and managed to get out of it.”: Sharon Kinne, Serial Killer - 1964: I do wonder how many past crimes went unpunished because of the belief that "Women don't do stuff like that."

Twenty Years In Prison For Having Sex With His Wife: It's an old story but damn it's a horrible one. Withheld evidence, false testimony, accusation of rape that just happen to coincide with a custody battle, a refusal for parole, an unusually high sentence. That man was robbed of a large portion of his life and three children were robbed of their father.

Asking for Sex: What Do You Do When the Guy Says No?: I'm sorry that this woman is having troubles in her sex life. I have a bit of understanding on where she is coming from. However as guy I've had to put up with women and feminists alike lining up to tell me that women don't owe me sex and it's not fair to try to speak on their motives about it. When a woman turns a guy down for sex she's empowered but apparently when a guy turns a woman down for sex it must be a power play? Am I the only one that thinks if a guy wrote something like this he would be written off as a pick up artist trying justify why his desire for sex should take priority over a woman's choices on sex?

We don’t call this sexism, we call it, err…

Father’s rights breached by mother 'too upset’ to let him see children: This is the kind of uphill battle fathers face. Two children kept from their father not because he was abusive but because the mother was too upset to let him be in contact with him. Yeah a mother's feelings take precedence over a child's bond with their father.

I.C.U. Naked

Alright folks take it easy!