Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Hammering Style

The first Hammer Brother cosplay I've every seen.

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So time management didn't get much better this week so I ended up being a little selective of the stuff I pulled for last week's Weekly Mashup. Just think of it as a bit of a refresh so some of this stuff stays in your head.

Russia Discriminates Against Men

I Am Fat

ADA Kellett Strikes Out in Two More Cases

The Postmasculine Life Guides

My recent weight loss and thoughts on "body image": Yeah there is some generalizing going on in those comments but dammit this is a guy that sounds like his story needs to be told. And good on him and his great feeling.

10 Reasons Why More Guys Should Do Yoga

Why the Overwhelming Evidence on Partner Physical Violence Has Not Been Perceived and Is Often Denied?

Professional Wrestling Champion Calls Police After Wife-Assault

Mother Jailed for 32 months for Rape Lie

Stop stand-up urination for men, Swedish politicians urge: So let me get this straight. The folks behind this requirement that office bathrooms switch to a "sit only" to pee standard with a suggestion of adding other bathrooms for those who still want to pee standing. And then they turn around and say that they want don't want to "...meddle in the bathroom habits of citizens." to "...give men the option of going into a clean toilet."?

Well if that is what they want then why not go straight to just created a new set of bathrooms that are "sit only" to pee instead of turning the current ones that way and then throwing in a suggestion at the end that it might be worth creating some for the standers? And while there might be health benefits I really can't help but see this as wanting to regulate men's bodies on the idea they should have more say over men's bodies than men themselves. Sounds familiar.

Blood and Men

For Machine Gun Kelly, Apparently Black Girls Give the Best Head

Halle Berry Ordered to Pay $20k Per Month Child Support: So what is up with all these wicked ass child support orders?

Quotas Limiting Male Science Enrollment May Be To Come: I'm all for trying to get more girls/women into the sciences. But once you get into the territory of trying to get more girls/women in by keeping men/boys out you are messing up. Yeah I'm gonna say it, that's sexism.

On the real, what the fuck is this?
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