Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unorignal Thought #4080 Rent vs Hire

I was driving to work yesterday when I had the most random thought.

"What's the difference between renting and hiring in terms of people?"

What I came up with is that you hire people and rent things.

That sex worker you got down with? You hired that person.

That hotel room you and the sex worker you hired used? You rented that room.

I just felt like sharing that since it seems some folks want to try to reduce all acts of prostitution down to "renting a person", "renting someone's body", or "renting someone's (insert body part)".

Now there are people that hire sex workers that really do think of it that way but to try to pin that on anyone that hires sex workers is just not cool.

Like I said not very original but I just wanted to share anyway.