Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ozy is not like that

Okay believe me when I say that I very much understand why people can be so mean to feminists. More than a few of them are hypocrites and have no problem minimizing the experiences of men in a way they would not stand for if done to women. But you know over the last year or so I've actually come back around to the point where I once was before when dealing with them and that's that they truly aren't all like that.

The fact that the ones that aren't like that being nowhere near as referenced and quoted as heavily the ones that are aside, I have come to actually find some of them quite friendly and reasonable. In fact Ozy is on that short (growing but not fast enough) list.

I've played Faith (which basically consists of hoping and praying that said feminist can actually talk about men without some constant and/or regular disclaimer that amounts to "but women have it worse") multiple times with Ozy and it payed off so there is plenty of slack here.

But nevermind any of that my point is it seems that some of the folks at don't like Ozy much. That's not nice. Not nice at all. It appears they are riled up for some not quite accurate reasons and then go on to use a pronoun I'm sure Ozy does not ID with.

As I said above I can understand why people would despise feminism and feminists so much (because frankly all that hatred can't be blamed on "misunderstanding feminism" and media hype) but at the same time there are good ones out there and Ozy is indeed one of them.

So come on people. No need to be so rough with someone that can actually call attention to the way masculinity is used as a way to turn us into cheap labor that will jump at the most dangerous of jobs in order to prove that we are "real men" or to fulfill the role of the "provider" for our families. And even do so while keeping the entire piece focused on men.

Nice one Ozy.