Sunday, July 8, 2012


Okay even in the face of the way I've been feeling when it comes to sex/relationships/dating over the last several months the coolest shit just happened last night.

I have a date next week.

I know right?

Now this doesn't magically erase all the pain I've been spilling all over my blog as of late but it's a huge help.

But I think the most awesome part of this is exactly how it happened.

I was talking to someone I met last weekend, texting back and forth. Last night she asked me what I had for dinner and I told her french toast. In response she talked about how she really enjoys breakfast food for dinner and then she went on to say that she didn't know how to make an omelet.

Yeah the opening revealed itself that easily.

A woman telling me she doesn't know how to cook something that is basically child's play to me?

That's right.

Offer cooking lesson. Done.

Thing is I now have to figure out how to burn off my "OMGOMGOMGIAMGOINGOUTONADATE!!!!!!" energy in a way that doesn't make me look/sound like a total spazz. Any suggestions? I've never been in this situation before and I'm seriously freaking.

A little help here?