Thursday, July 26, 2012

And great time was had by all invovled

Alright if you recall a short while back I was bugging out over a date I had coming up. Well fate decided to get in the way of things and we didn't get together on the night originally planned (it did fall on Friday the 13th...) and rescheduled for another night. That was this past Friday night.

Oh things went just fine. I cooked spaghetti (she said she was too tired and lazy for a cooking lesson so I just cooked dinner) and after getting filled up on that we laid back on the couch and watched Drag Me To Hell while eating apple pie for dessert (I cooked the spaghetti myself but the pie was store bought). But that's not what I'm doing this post for. I'm doing this post for the sake of explaining how I got over the initial jitters that lasted up until a few hours before she came over.

(Okay the soothing of the jitters was not this well thought out. I'm giving a version that is edited for clarity...and hilarity.)

Danny: Okay she is coming over tonight and I am freaking.

Danny: Why are you freaking?

Danny: Because we're having someone over in a date like situation that's why! Or were you not there for the message exchange we just had about this with her?

Danny: Yes I was there Danny, you know that.

Danny: I don't know, you're awfully calm about this. Speaking of how in the world can you be so calm about this?

Danny: Because unlike you I'm thinking about the things that we have going against us AS WELL as the things we have going for us.

Danny: Like what?

Danny: Okay yes we've never been on a date before which makes us horribly nervous and worried we are gonna wreck everything. And it doesn't help that we are pretty nervous around women even if it's not in such a setting.

Danny: A pretty serious deck as you can see.

Danny: Yes I can see that but I also see some other things.

Danny: Like what?

Danny: Well bear in mind that since we are hosting we have home field advantage. Secondly we're cooking and we throw down in the kitchen (mental note: we should look into an apron someday). Thirdly it's just a night in. No need to worry about the anxiety that creeps up when we go out. And one other thing.

Danny: Danny, please tell me you are not going to mention....

Danny: Why not she made the observation.

Danny: Dude, Renee was just goofing about that.

Danny: She might be but hey this is a pretty serious situation tonight and we need all the edge we can get to mellow out about it.

Danny: Come on Danny, she calls our voice "Southern Sexy".

Danny: Yeah so?

Danny: Do we look like a 18th century aristocratic high rolling vampire from New Orleans?

Danny: No, but apparently we sound like one. :)

Danny: I don't believe this. I don't believe that I'm buying into this.

Danny: Danny of course you're buying into it. Who knows you better than I do?

Danny: Good point.

Danny: So in summation we have to keep our cool. When we panic we over-analyze. When we over-analyze we make mistakes. When we make mistakes we scare off our date. When we scare off our date we panic. When we panic we make over-analyze. When we over-analyze we retreat into self defeatism. We can't retreat into self defeatism. Right?

Danny: Right.

Like I said that's not an exact reenactment of the events in question but it did actually go a bit like that. I freaked and then talk myself down from it. And you know, it worked. I kept a cool head and had a great time. We halfway scared ourselves watching the movie and I learned that store bought apple pie can be tweaked nicely with a dollop of Cool Whip with cinnamon and ginger sprinkled on top, which was after spending over an hour talking about science fiction tv/movies and amazingly we both like a lot of the same stuff (I think she left some drool on my copy of the Daria collection).

But even better, the next day she asks me if we can get together again.

At this point if it goes beyond being movie buddies that fine. If it doesn't that's fine too.

Okay so maybe I'm not destined to be forever trapped in despair. But something doesn't feel right...