Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Wolfwood Style

When you're that cool it doesn't matter how bad smoking is.

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The “Men are Dogs” Double Bind: As men we simultaneously picky to the point of expressing various -isms AND so overcome with lust we can't help ourselves?

And the Girl: A Comic by Kari McElroy (NSFW): A preview of an upcoming web comic (I guess you would call it that).

Gender and the Framing of Suicide

Scores in N.C. are legally 'innocent,' yet still imprisoned: Because its better to keep men in prison for a crime that didn't legally commit than to let them out and make room for some real villains.

How Do You Actually Let Go of the Past?: A little advice on letting go of the pain.

Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal For Men: TMI or not but here's what I do. When I go to the bathroom I take some toilet paper with and shake into the toilet paper so I don't have to worry about leaving puddles. Solved. But seriously if those folks god nothing better to do that try to legislate how men pee then maybe they should just go home or something.

Sex, olive oil flap sends PSL woman to slammer: That's just terrible. Yeah he's a jerk for cheating on her but that doesn't justify partner violence.

Call for Blogging Requests: Clarissa is looking for blogging topics.

Real-money auctions launch in Diablo III: If I had $200 to spare and wanted a sword I'd be using it for a down payment on having a real god damn sword crafted. $200 for something in a game? Fuck that.

Parents' right to see children after divorce will be enshrined in law: I'll be the first to say that when the parent child relationship is unfairly interfered with by the other parent (usually mom busting up the father/child relationship) but I'm not too keen on trying to make it a crime in and of itself. But the thing is (at least in the States, and this story is in the UK) there are already supposed to be penalties in place for this right? Why not just actually enforce them?

Barnes & Noble: Ebooks Should Be Expensive So Amazon Won't Kill Us And Make Ebooks Expensive: Goodness maybe I did choose poorly when I bought my Nook.

Jailed 26 Years for Murder of Wife, Daughters, Michigan Man Cleared of Charges: Another man set free. It's horrible that he had so many of years taken from him though.

TSA: This Is What Should Be Happening At Airport Checkpoints
: I see TSA still has that security thing on lock.

Single fathers unite to voice their concerns about benefits in Japan: For the people that think fathers aren't pulling their weight. And the fact that these are Japanese men is awesome. Most people are too busy going on about how society is all about men that they don't even notice that there are a hell of a lot men out there getting stepped on.

Builder, 42, wins five-figure payout from the police after being beaten and dragged into the street: And it only took six years. (Warning that link will take you right into some pretty graphic photos of the victim.)

Sexual violence in public schools: "Saying that these women are emotionally immature and that abused boys will become abusers plays into the women as perpetual victims meme. Many people who abuse children are emotionally immature, but that does not stop them from understanding that their actions are wrong. We do not excuse men who are emotionally immature who prey on children, so we should not give women that excuse."

"I can’t imagine what my own life would be like if fandom hadn’t shaped it the way it did...": I can imagine it alright. I'll come back to this later.

Why Sexual Objectification Pushed Soul Singer D'Angelo to Leave Music: A story of the sexual objectification that really needs to be told (and told without someone whining about how women have it worse or that it doesn't happen to men that often).

The Tuna Helpers - Blueberry Head

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