Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Spillover Style

This is just stuff I had in my Google Reader (that I didn't go into when I made yesterday's Weekly Mashup).

Anthem BCBS Decides Boy Who Can't Sit Up On His Own Doesn't Need A Wheelchair

Mom Murders 4 Kids; Article Suggests Decade-Old Incident as Cause: Isn't it odd when a mother does something like this people reach for straws to explain "what made her do it" but when a father does something like this no such effort is made?

What? A remix of a remix? If someone makes an electronic remix of this the circle will be complete.

An abiding contempt for government and governing: Goodness it's like the only time you can get a straight answer is when talking about "defending" marriage.

House approves bill that weakens Racial Justice Act: So about that whole racial justice thing....

Same-sex couples sue over adoption rights in North Carolina

Is it really that bad for children to start learning about sex (or at least sex other than PIV)?

EA Believes That Making A Lot Of Money Is Less Important Than Keeping Games Expensive So apparently it's better to sell one copy at $100 a pop than to sell 20 copies at $10 a pop. All for the sake of making sure the intellectual property doesn't get too cheap.

Cutting compulsion affects kids as young as 7, study finds: Self injury at such an early age?

Anita Blake: Faux Champion of Sexual Agency

Vets denied access to war memorial:This bothers me a lot. I'm all for the president having his press moment but he is nowhere near important enough to have priority over the people that visit that wall for mourn friends, comrades in battle, and family.