Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Nursing Style

Would you let them take your temperature?

Got a link you want to share?
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Not Quite In Charge, But Working On It: The closing post on my guest editing spot for the Men and Body Image series at Good Men Project.

#46: Caretaker: A reminder that there are good men out there.

NC woman charged with castrating man during fight: Can't wait to hear the "what did he do to make her do it" arguing.

Boy Scouts to review ban on gays: That would be a good thing.

Elderly Sex Expert Introduces Libido-Friendly Wine Line: Um...why not just drink less wine?

Barnes & Noble apologizes to Scottsdale man forced to leave children's section: The ongoing saga of presuming that men are child molesters. It will be a hard time of having men be more active in children's lives when you still have guys getting tossed out of bookstores for just trying to buy a present for their grandkids.

Are men really more unfaithful than women?: Interesting question.

Bulletin Board v165: Weekly Link drop from Toy Soldier, including a porn bust of 23 women. I wonder when the "won't someone think of the children" crowd here in the US get around to talking about it all over the place when even one man is caught in a porn bust.

Tax Break For Businesses Costs $336M In NC: You know I bet when Republicans were so busy working on trying to make sure gay marriage is never acknowledged in NC they could have been working on this instead.

Survivor tells of horror in Syrian village

Male politician slaps woman, warrant is taken out on him.
Woman slaps male politician...?

Business urged to act on male mental health

Daughters of Patriarchal Families: Clarissa talking about the life of daughters trapped under patriarchal influences (and on a good note she does it without denying the way sons are treated).

And Clarissa helped me out with a question I asked early last week.

For Obama, if you’re male and near a terrorist, that makes you guilty. So die.: I'm just glad that more people are noticing what men and MRAs have been saying for a long time now (and no you don't get to say that its all the fault of angry MRAs that not much attention has been paid to this before now).

If Websites Were People: Jezebel

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust.
This shit has been in my head all week.

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Amanda said...

I truly hate Jezebel, but I wish people would stop calling it a feminist site. It isn't. It may have some writers who identify as feminist, but the site itself is a Denton production aimed at nothing more than maximizing page views.

Danny said...

Trufully I don't care if they ID as a feminist site. The folks over there are so outrageous that they pretty much deserve most of the scorn they get.

First time I've seen you pop up in a while Amanda, good to hear from you again.