Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Joking Style

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I have two new posts up at Good Men Project:
1. No More Distortions
2. Should Men Be Allowed To Buy Plan B?

My Recent Movie Watching Experience: Clarissa tries to watch some Hollywood movies...and it doesn't go well.

I'm From HR and I'm Here to Help: James Landrith offering some advice to job hunters.

Darth Vader Is The Most Successful Star Wars Character Ever, But Still No Return Of The Jedi Residuals For Actor: It takes some pretty creative math to say that one of the most profitable movies of all times (a part of one of the most profitable movie franchises of all time) has yet to turn a profit.

City Begins Enforcement Of Ban On Outdoor Feeding Programs

Iowa Supreme Court creates “paternity fraud” as a cause of action against mothers who lie: Looks like Iowa is getting its mind right on paternity fraud.

Feminist researchers find female sex offenders get slaps on the wrist

Utah Adoption Council president resigns amid fathers' rights controversy: Thank goodness.

Are you afraid to talk to your doctor?

I Have a Problem with a Gay Green Lantern: I think I might agree on this. I'm all for the idea of gay characters but I'm not sure I like the idea of just rewriting an established character in the name of social justice.

Men With Aggressive Faces Are Secretly Selfless: Could this have something to do with all this shit about presuming that big guys are "teddy bears"?

JCPenney Features ‘Real-Life’ Same-Sex Couple In Fathers’ Day Ad: Not only did they use a gay couple in the ad but gay dads at that. Now that's what I call progress.

'Happy kid' kills himself over bullying at two NYC schools: Another child takes his life due to pressure from bullying.

Syria using rape as weapon against opposition women and men: Beats the usual coverage where rape is presented as something that only happens to women.

Being Shy Is Just a Bad Habit, and You Can Break It With Regular Practice: Dropping shyness like a bad habit?

Some clips from the Judo Demo at Animmazement 2012.

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