Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is what feminism is talking about

So lately I've been trying to return from the darkness so to speak. Well one step has been to try to give another shot at trying to talk to feminists (yes I said another). Thankfully unlike earlier efforts that resulted in my mostly crossing paths with condescending snobs I'm actually coming across some good ones now. Enough that I think it might be worth reviving something I used to do in the past.

Meet George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina. George has two problems.

First he thinks that its a good idea to refer to the mouth of Sandra Fluke (I'm not going into her story, its easily findable on the net by now) a "dick sucker". Now obviously most people would never reduce a woman to her capacity to give oral sex. But it would seem that George here either didn't learn it or something happened and he forgot it or actively chose to ignore this and just be rude. Whatever.

Most people would never do this because most people actually do have some respect for women. George is apparently not most people.

Second he thinks that he can someone how make the internet give his harsh words back. Yeah just take a moment to laugh.

Back? Good let's continue.

Even on my darkest day I always kept in mind that feminists had a reason to exist. And this guy just proved it.