Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Four Years....I think I'm finally making progress

So my corner turns four today. It's been an interesting time of late. Lots of moving and shaking. I've been guest posting at various places (namely Womanist Musings and becoming a regular at Good Men Project). In effect I have managed to branch out a bit more. Branching with what you ask? Well let me review a sampling from the last year.

The Armor of Contradictions: How useful is it to give women armor that doesn't actually cover them, much less protect them?

Question About Porn?: The beginning of a short series about porn.

I'm Keeping a Running Tab: Watching a few feminists clamor to capitalize on the violence that Anders Breivik committed last year.

Oh You Don't Get it? Allow Me To Explain...: Taking a moment to explain to folks why "Oh but I use that word with others like you so its okay.", doesn't fly as far as they think.

Male Responsibility and Support of Children: Where I start to lose faith in the idea that child support is really about supporting the child.

I Find His Lack Of Faith Disturbing....: Is it really worth arguing over if Star Trek is better than Star Wars?

Yes. Oh Yes. Oh Fuck Yes!!!: More birth control options are a good idea right?

Men Act, Women Are Acted Upon: A look at how men and women are portrayed differently in media.

Can A Picture Really Say That Many Words?: My take on a rather popular picture about the "Friend Zone" phenomenon.

Heartless Night Owl: A few words on the rise and fall of isanyoneup.com and it's main brain, Hunter Mooore.

A Wicked Web Indeed: Has it really gotten to the point where we have given people a free pass on making false rape accusations against people?

A Selfish Act?: Thinking about suicide.

Curves (or lack of curves) Don't Make The Woman: It's not about holding one type of beauty above all others as the ideal. It's about getting rid of the very idea that there must be one ideal.

But at the same time things have gotten complicated for me.

I've started to come to terms for my raging desires to strike those who have struck me.

I began examining this odd Spiral of Despir I find myself trapped in.

In short I'm damaged and it's going to take something deep and personal to fix me. But I have no idea where its going to come from. It's funny. I wanted to get my feelers out and work with more people but in doing so I see that I'm just fucked up.

There's no telling what the next year on this blog will bring. Let us hope that it brings something good and useful.

Take it easy people!