Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anita Blake: Hypocritical sexist?

So over the last few weeks I've been listening to the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. I just got to book 4 and I noticed something.

Part of the way into book four Anita is cornered by a group of lycanthropes (were-creatures) and she prepares to shoot the one closest to her, a woman. She considers aiming for her arm but doesn't because the rounds in her gun can take off a limb and she didn't know if they could heal from amputation. Bear this reason in mind for a bit.

Instead of shooting her she instead shoots a male lycanthrope behind the first one, in his guts. Okay you're probably thinking that she shot him in the gut thinking that he could heal right? Well she decided to shoot one in the first place in hopes that the others would attack the injured one (think like how a in a group of sharks if one is bleeding the others will attack it).

So with her plan to shoot one as a distraction to get the others off her by having them attack (and almost certainly kill) the injured one she skips over a woman and shoots a man because she was worried about amputation? She didn't have a problem with one of them getting mauled to death but amputation was just crossing the fucking line I guess.

I've noticed little things like this throughout these books so far. There are more than a few times where the Anita Blake character will on one hand make some grand display in which she shows that she can "hang with the boys" but on the other will do things to "the boys" that she would not to do "the girls".

Hamilton seems to go from "women's empowerment" to "to hell with men" like a swinging pendulum.

It's a damn good thing that I'm not re-buying these books.