Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Heaven and Earth Style

Dragons, indeed

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Should Boys Be Allowed to Play Girls’ Sports?: I've got a new post up at Good Men Project. It seems I have gotten myself almost to the point of posting there once a week now.

Some ‘Splainin To Do… Mansplaining That Is: A post about mansplaining.

A Man, His Fat, and a Hatred of Photos: A reposting of a an edited version of an old post I did here about a year ago to kick off a series on men and body image at Good Men Project.

Weaselly hypocrisy
: TS with a nice response (or takedown) to the response of a Southern Poverty Law Center article from a few months ago that painted up MRAs as nothing but angry woman haters. About the only thing that was true is that they didn't actually call the MRM a hate movement. Yeah they just specifically cherry picked only negative things, ignored the positive, made up some bull for filler, and then let the sparks fly. Nice one TS.

'The Secret Circle' - A Post Mortem: Trust me if you've never seen the Secret Circle show just don't. But seriously I think the books are worth picking up. The story honestly so much better than the heavily altered stuff that played on the CW. Because seriously how can you expect to make an ongoing tv out of 3 books (with a fourth on the way)?

5 Commitments To Become Part Of A Solution To The World’s Problems

The men's rights zeitgeist: Oh what do we have here. We have some feminists trying to take the high ground now that some portion of MRAs have gone extreme. I'm not an MRA but I've had experiences with feminists that told me loud and clear that MRAs didn't just create their extreme anti-feminism out of thin air. In fact the mere fact that instead of looking for reasonable MRAs to talk to (and they aren't that hard to find) they instead reach for the low hanging fruit and then declare that the entire movement is like that. Which is something that feminists regularly scream the bloodiest of murder over when it's done to them. No we're supposed to believe that the battle of the sexes didn't start when feminists, even for as much good as they did, were denying the experiences of men but when extreme MRAs started to get some attention for their lashing out.

NC Pastor Charles ‘put gays behind electric fence to die’ Worley now under media microscope

Internet Man Does Not Want To Be On The Google Anymore: Well now. He apparently didn't get that memo on the whole thing about how once something gets on the internet it can't be taken off.

While it is graphic, this needs to be seen. Male genital mutilation.: This is for the people who when they to justify cutting the genitals of baby boys. Just because they MIGHT be "too young to remember it" or "don't feel any pain" doesn't mean its not a terrible thing. The image is really graphic and totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

The Second Sexism: don't judge a book by its press: Good. For a second there I was thinking that everyone was so busy trying to declare this book an attack on women and feminism that no one actually took the time to see what it was actually about.

Music - "End of All Hope" by Nightwish
Anime - X/1999

Alright folks I actually scheduled this a few days ago and if all went as planned I am currently at Animazement taking a long needed break and getting my fandom on. I'll see you all next week!!!