Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Mashup - Alucard Style

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Revenge: The Gift That Keeps On Giving: I have a new post over at Good Men Project.

How men can beat gender bias in car insurance

Lagging at school, the butt of cruel jokes: are males the new Second Sex?: I wouldn't say that men are the "new second sex". But I would say things are coming to light that have been happening to men for a while....and there are a lot of people that don't like that.

The Bristol Compromise Part 3: Promoting Male Circumcision: So in the same area you have people simultaneously advocating against female genital cutting and advocating for male genital cutting.

Aussie News Coverage of Child Abduction Case Blatantly Anti-Dad

Victim often seen as victor in sex cases with female teachers, male students: An article on how female teacher/male student statutory rape is seen in kinder light that the reverse.

Cops Using Tasers on Pregnant Women: OK?: I kinda don't like the idea of anyone being tazed but I have to wonder exactly what would the alternative have been if tazing this pregnant woman was out of the question. Yes they could have overpowered her for the arrest but what danger would she and the baby have faced if she had been dragged out of the car by force and thrown to the ground?

Male Disposability – Combat Zone Bomb Blasts and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Gingko on male disposability and the injuries suffered by war veterans that go ignored because of it.

Transgender Miss Universe Back in Competition, No Longer Disqualified. A men's Rights issue?: It may not be a direct MRA issue since it's not about a man. But nevertheless this is about the rights of a person, so whether they are a man or not the support should be welcome.

Exclusive: Male Student Suspended for Wearing a Skirt
It would seem that people still don't like guys that don't "dress properly". (Fro tip to r/MensRights)

Who Enjoys Casual Sex, Anyway?

Beaten Ottawa senior jailed after calling 911: The article seems to put the blame on the 911 operator. I think it was the cops. Yes the operator could have done more to understand Andrzejewski when he called but it was the cops that chose to arrest him and hold him for over 2 months.

Evolution of the Hipster