Friday, May 4, 2012

So mixing genders in youth sports.... only okay as long as girls aren't on the short end of the stick?

Boy field hockey star kicked off girls' team for being 'too good'.

The boy has been playing on their girl's team for two years and now he's being kicked off. According to the executive director of Section 11, the authority that oversees sports in that are, it has something to do with boys taking over.
Section 11's executive director, Ed Cinelli, told MyFoxNY, "As a sport, it's a girls sport. When a boy plays, it leads the way for other male players to come in and take over."
So he's been doing this for two years and now its a concern that boys will come in and take over the girl's sport. My first question to this is if that's the case then does that mean that this boy is only one of many that have joined the team and he's just the only being talked about?