Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revenge: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Back in March I did a post on Hunter Moore. For those of you who do not know Moore up until fairly recently operated a site called isanyoneup.com. The site was a forum in which people could submit sexual, lewd, or otherwise inappropriate pictures of people. Along with these photos actual identifying information such as real name, location, and online aliases were published as well. The purpose of the site? To give people a chance to get back at those that harmed them.

Moore's site was what many call a “revenge porn” site. Revenge porn is the public (mostly online) distribution of images of people with the sole purpose of humiliating the subject in order to get back at them for something that person did to them. After being hurt himself in the past (heart broken by a girlfriend and sexually assaulted by a male coworker later) it seemed like Moore had emptied his heart out and decided to open a venue in which he would profit from revenge.

But revenge is not always, you might even be able to say rarely, that simple. Often times when it comes to righting a wrong (or maybe acting out an overwhelming desire that things had gone differently) the damage is not always limited to the ones that are seen as deserving of what comes to them. In the never ending chase to satisfy feelings of pain in a way that usually prove empty and meaningless even if we aren't destroyed in said chase innocent bystanders can very easily get caught up in the mix.

For example when Moore was running his site he had issues with people trying to submit images of under aged children to his site (which is also part of why he sold the site to the anti-bullying site Bullyville). Even though he appears to have been diligent about not allowing it through and reporting it to authorities there is no guarantee that none of it got through.

Also can it honestly be said that all the people that were displayed on isanyoneup really did something to the person that submitted the pictures? Could it be that in some cases submitting photos to Moore's site was not an act of revenge but rather the first strike against another person, who may have gone on to search for their own revenge?

Those are the risks of revenge and honestly once consumed by revenge the person looking to ease their pain will more than likely grow (or die) to not care about those risks. That's how we end up with the possibility of person A's plan for revenge against person B harming person C. Even if C doesn't pursue their own revenge against A there is still the fact of the matter that C was totally and unfairly harmed by A's desire to get back at B.

It is extremely easy for a thirst for revenge to get out of hand and hurt people who had nothing to do with the original offense.

People say that the way to defeat hate, and to be sure revenge is a variation of hate (I think its wrath with a twist of envy myself), is with love. But how do you get a person poisoned by hate to see, feel, and find the love that will treat the poison and ease their pain?