Thursday, May 31, 2012

Musings of a Vengeful Spirit - Poisoned Speech, Poisoned Sound, Poisoned Sight

When the mind has been poisoned by the desire for revenge it will almost certainly spread to other areas, infecting them as well. I was originally going to do separate posts for each of these but then I realized there is no one set order in which these three symptoms will occur. They can happen so close together that it would be hard to know.

Poisoned Sight
When consumed by the desire for revenge the poison can and will interfere with one's sight. It has spread far enough to alter what one sees when they read. Suddenly slights and offenses that may have been implications at best will be read as focused attacks.

It might be as simple as lack of a quantifier, the writer not being clear with their point (and would be more than happy to clarify, if asked in a civil manner), or maybe even an honest grammar error. When the sight is poisoned there is a subtle but very real scanning of people's words. Just looking for something that can be interpreted as a slight or aggression. Ever heard of the phrase, "So angry you can't even see straight?" That's what poisoned sight is all about. So ready to attack that you may miss (or in extreme cases actively ignore) a detail that would have altered your response had you noticed it.

Poisoned Sound

Don't think that what I just said above only applies to the written word. No this effect is not limited to reading the words of a news article or blog post. The poison can affect what one hears in vocal conversation as well. Again as with reading it is fairly certain that when simply looking for a fight that one would miss something that the other party said mere seconds before launching an attack. They may be on the lookout for a specific keyword or phrase that is sure to queue the prepared aggression.

Quite literally listening for an excuse to start a fight.

Poisoned Speech

Speaking of looking for an attack angle the real fury flies once the trigger is heard/read. Its almost like a sleeper agent that knows what their command phrase is and actively seeks it out. When activated the poisoned tongue seems to go on auto pilot. Lashing out at anything and everything that can be considered a threat. Even those they would otherwise agree with become targets.

Next time I want to talk a bit more about the Poisoned Tongue and the damage it can really do.