Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cooking with Danny: Stage 3

Wraps are good.

Steak Wrap

1 "Steak Um" steak (That's a particular brand name but in general I'm talking about that type of thin cut beef steak. Its good to use because it goes from frozen to done in like 3min.)

1/4 of a bell pepper (I had yellow on hand this time so that's what I used.)

1/4 of a small onion

Shredded Mozzarella cheese

Handful of fresh spinach fresh

1 "Flat Outs" brand wrap (That's just what I used but feel free to use whatever brand you like.)

Okay that cut of beef I talked about above cooks fast but with a penalty, it comes apart VERY EASILY.

So that I cooked the onion and pepper in some olive oil in my wok until desired consistency (I don't like crunchy onion so I cook them until soft and just cook the peppers for a few minutes to get them hot) and set them on the wrap (make sure you drain them good first).

Next I cooked the beef and place it on top of them (that beef can get greasy so let it drip off some before putting it on the wrap).

Finally I lightly cooked the spinach so that it would shrink down a bit (and because cooked spinach is actually more nutritious than raw) and placed it on the beef (and spinach gives off a lot of water when cooking so drain it good or you will get a soggy wrap).

Sprinkle some cheese and top with whatever sauce you like (I use mayo and horseradish sauce) and you are good to go.