Friday, April 20, 2012

What if you were the minority? Would it matter then?

Came across a rather interesting short film a while back at Good Men Project.

A good question indeed for heterosexuals to ponder.

What if heterosexuals were being imprisoned/exiled/executed for their sexuality?

What if heterosexuals were to hiding in a proverbial closet for their safety?

What if heterosexuals were looked at in disgust when being the least bit intimate in public (not to be confused with folks that don't want to see any intimacy in public but those that just don't want to see homosexual intimacy in public)?

What if heterosexuals were having to face their children being told something will be wrong with them because they were raised by one mom and one dad?

What if Brokeback Mountain had starred (insert big name actress) instead of Heath Ledger (yes Gyllenhaal stays) and people were making jokes in reference to that movie about heterosexuals?

And there's more questions than this.

I sometimes like to flip things around to test their unfairness and I think this does an excellent job of it.