Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 99

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This is my Weekly Mashup. You know the drill. Feel free to treat it like an Open Thread.

The Six Billion Dollar Sex Worker and The Bionic Prostitute?: A new post I have at Womanist Musings this week on android sex workers.

Drop It Like It's Hot: Renee's one link drop.

Are men stupid?: Yeah you read that right. Funny that the actions of a few jerks turns into declaring that men are stupid but men supposedly have the privilege of not being judged as a monolith.

Proposed SC State Health plan won't cover abortion: "Besides the garden-variety misogyny involved in forcing a 12-year-old raped by her father to give birth, what really gets me is: these same Republicans claim they are all about saving money, and how much money has all this pro-life political wrangling cost us, compared to a measly 19 abortions? How many working hours have been wasted on this noisy grandstanding to the right-wing base?"

Can CISPA Be Fixed?

Masculism: Discrimination against men has disappeared! READ!: Are there feminists going around and deleting masculinism and MRA related wikipedia pages?

Power (Dis)Play? Teams In Black Draw More Penalties: Does playing in a dark color jersey meet the "....While Black" condition?

Two-fifths of UK trafficking victims are male, survey reveals: Finally some real progress to helping ALL trafficking victims. Not just the ones with female reproductive systems. (Fro Tip)

Ain't that the truth.

Nintendo's gunning for retailers, expanding eShop offerings for Wii U, 3DS: Nintendo opening up an eshop?

VA Supreme Court Approves John Wyatt’s Lawsuit Against Adoption Agency, Attorneys: It looks like John Wyatt will be able to continue with his lawsuit against the adoption agency that basically aided the mother of his child in stripping him of his parental rights despite his active efforts to perform said responsibilities.

Proponents could not find a single pro‑Amendment One CEO in the state of North Carolina: It looks like most of the CEOs of NC based companies recognize that at the very least Amendment One is bad for business. Awesome.

Tamara Favazza Awarded $5.8 Million Lawsuit Against Girls Gone Wild: Let's hope this takes a lot of the wind out of the sails of Girls Gone Wild.

Dentist pulled out ALL boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her (and new girlfriend leaves him because of his empty mouth): I'm wondering if this is not a real story or is this just a case of where female against male violence is not being taken seriously it just that no one else is talking about it. Every mention of this story I could find points back to this Daily Mail story...

Indian baby bride Laxmi Sargara wins annulment in landmark case: A truly good conclusion to a horrible situation. And I especially like that the husband supported the annulment (because all too often the only time men are mentioned in child bride cases is when they are the disgusting ones that support such bull).

Gender Differences In Suicide: ballgame with a few words on gender and suicide.

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