Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 98

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This is my Weekly Mashup. You know the drill. Feel free to treat it like an Open Thread.

Drop It Like It's Hot: Renee's weekly link drop.

Petition to stop dancing boys abuse: Toy Soldier with a few words a nod to a petition on the dancing boys in Afghanistan.

I’m Not the Only One to Think Ashley Judd Is Full of IT: It would seem that Renee is not the only one that doubts Ashley Judd's words.

Anders Breivik Trial: Norway Massacre Suspect Originally Planned To Bomb 3 Targets: Hopefully before folks use this as another log in the "video games make you kill" fire they will realize that this man had some dangerous ideas long before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released.

To sit or not to sit: I got nothing here.

Deputies: Child in medically induced coma, step-grandmother charged: This is just f'd up. A 2 year old girl in a medically induced coma after being abused by her step grandmother.

Probation officials: Woman accused of killing former York mayor missed restitution payments in rent scam: I wonder if this will get counted into the stats on domestic violence.

Mums spared jail for the sake of their children: Oh really?

“NO” is Not For Men, the story of how the state snags then destroys a productive man: This is a long read and its also a pretty sad read.

From Denver Post
So what if Secret Service agent David Chaney commented "I was really checking her [Sarah Palin] out, if you know what I mean?" on this photo in 2008? I don't think its even worth trying to boot strap to the current situation of Secret Service agents supposedly hiring prostitutes.

If You Resell Your Used Games, the Terrorists Win: So game developers are pushing the line that if it weren't for the used game market then developers would be able to sell games at a lower price. Yeah...

Campus Police Allow Students to Desecrate Crosses: Apparently after a pro life group set up a display of several crosses at Western Kentucky University an art student went out and placed condoms on several of the crosses and campus police did nothing to stop it. That's not cool.

White House Criticizes CISPA, Though Meekly And For Partially Wrong Reasons: National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden almost criticized CISPA. Almost.

Etheridge: Hiring teachers shouldn't require fundraiser: Yes the education situation in NC is so bad that children are doing fundraisers to hire teachers. Not to pay for a new gym or sent a school team to an out of town trip. But to hire teachers.

: Could there be something else behind why boys are backing away from sex other than romance and "down with gender roles!"?

MISANDRY – An Amazingly Vile Article Dismissing Fathers’ Depression After Birth: So let me get this straight. Women want men to "step up" when it comes to long as we don't talk about any negative side effects that they might incur? Both parents must do their part but the only person who gets to have any side effects is the one that carried the child.

After talking about sex at GMP I couldn't get the phrase, "Lick it before you stick!" out of my head. I hope your head will now suffer a similar fate.

I'm out!