Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 97

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This is my Weekly Mashup. You know the drill. Feel free to treat it like an Open Thread.

Foxconn's Overtime Reduction Will Not Affect Product Prices, Analysts Say: Yeah because the main concern behind cutting overtime hours at a manufacturing plant where people were killing themselves so often a fence was put around the roof to stop them from jumping is that product prices won't be affected.

Farm-fresh infringement: Can you violate a patent by planting some seeds?: So it looks like ridiculous licensing problems aren't limited to songs and movies.

Why I'm Not Renewing my NPR Membership:"Recently there has been a lot of media attention on obesity because it is a currently popular trend. Many studies are pouring out of universities with poor methodology and low statistical significance, but if they attach the magic word "obesity" to the study they are not only funded, but seized upon as confirmation by the media."

NC sees growing mobilization on marriage amendment: "The referendum is partly about partisan politics: previous efforts in the General Assembly to put an amendment before voters was rebuffed when Democrats controlled the legislature, and won approval after Republicans took control of both chambers in 2010. Republicans' traditional allies on social issues, especially conservative churches, have lined up to support the amendment, while Democrats' support base, particularly the state NAACP, have been prominent opponents."

Famous comic book creator starting his own convention in Los Angeles: Stan Lee working with another convention to compete against the world famous ComicCon?

More on "Stand Your Ground" laws: Daisy with a few some data on Stand Your Ground laws.

ME Bar Counsel Recommends Discipline for ADA Mary N. Kellett: I'm still trying to figure how Mike NiFong got stopped dead in his tracks after one major fuck up but this woman has been running unchecked for a few years. I guess when its women running around just ignoring court orders its no big deal.

Ladies Bleaching Private Parts… Men, Are You Getting A Bad Rap?: Personally I think when it comes to items like this we are all getting hosed.

Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion: Clarissa's weekly bundle of links.

Man Flees After Woman Demands Too Much Sex: So a guy fleeing a woman that is demanding too much sex is "Weird News"? I recall people saying that that is usually called other things ranging from "false imprisonment" to "abuse" to "rape"...mind you the genders are usually reversed when those words come out though...

Middle School Student Suspended For Hugging Teacher: More on the "Why boys are afraid to show emotion" front. Dude tries to hug his teacher after she breaks up a possible fight...and he gets suspended.

Zenimax Files For Trademark On A Skyrim Internet Meme: I tried to trademark a popular meme, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Staying Strong, Staying Silent: Male Body Image: "Shame also plays a large role in the development of body image issues in men."

Is CISPA going to inspire the next major internet protest?

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