Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 96

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Also feel free to treat this as an Open Thread.

Let me lead off with some self promoting.

I can't believe it! I've managed to get some serious writing published this week!
1. First of three posts at Good Men Project on a new Charles Barkley Weight Watchers ad.

2. Second of three posts at Good Men Project on the site His Black Dress. This is actually a revisit to a previous post on them I did where I look at how clothing, gender identification, sexual orientation, and attraction are linked.

3. Third of three posts at Good Men Project on the "Sex Sells" method of advertising products towards men.

4. First of two articles at the quarterly online gaming magazine Gaming Insurrection, where I joined as the fourth member of their staff. A review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

5. Second of two articles. A review of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

And for you regularly weekly mashing.

Courage: We Cannot Exist Without Each Other: Julie Gillis sharing a story of compassion and courage in hopes of showing why they are important for humanity.

Thank You: And speaking of compassion Renee was in a tough spot this week and thanks to some overwhelming support she is doing good.

Wrongfully Imprisoned for 17 Years, Man Must Pay Child Support to State:Is it really fair for a state to put an innocent man away, refuse to offer compensation for the trouble they've caused him, but then demand compensation for the inconvenience they cause themselves by putting away an active father?

Verizon to End Stand-Alone DSL Service: Forcing customers into a bundle that they don't want (because if they wanted it they would signed up for it already wouldn't they?) is not "a better overall experience".

Alleged Rape Victim Jailed to Ensure Testimony: Imprisoning an alleged rape victim? I understand the desire to get a possible rapist off the streets but I think that putting the alleged victim in custody (the trial has been rescheduled once already due to her failure to appear) may be crossing a line.


Domestic violence campaigns one-sided: A small piece on the one sided nature of domestic violence prevention

Working URLs: Sex Workers And The Wild Wild Web

On The Future of Small Blogs: Daisy on why she thinks it doesn't look good for small blogs compared to larger community blogs.

Why I Don’t Like Myself: Clarissa makes it look so easy.

Manipulative Behavior?

Maybe They ARE That Into You: If you have been reading my posts lately on trying to overcome obstacles to meeting people and engaging in relationships/dating/sex then take a moment to read this linked post by Jeffrey Platts. We'll be coming back to it soon.

Take it easy!