Friday, April 6, 2012

Or Should That Be 6?

I came across this list at Its list of the 5 most insulting ways products are advertised to men. Its rather accurate but I think there is a very big one missing from the list.

Let's take a quick run down of the five that are listed:
#5. Assume Men Are Stupid (And Proud of It)

#4. Question Your Masculinity

#3. Dress Ordinary Products Up as Manly Industrial Power Tools

#2. Turn Regular Foods and Flavors into Sausagefests

#1. Assume You're Hungry for a Heart Attack
No question on these items. They are all true and they all happen. However I think there is an insulting way that is missing. And insulting way that happens all the time. An insulting way that probably should have been No.1.

Assume You're Doing It All For The Nookie

There is a saying that goes, "Men think with their dicks." Yes highly insulting I know that but has not stopped the advertising divisions of a lot of companies from marketing their products in a way that stimulates our "lower brains".

I wonder if this would get guys to overlook
the price of those Bose headsets?

When you advertise something as common as, oh I don't know, deodorant spray you have to do something to get the attention of your target audience. How about getting your them to believe that if you use a certain spray women won't be able to keep their hands off of you?

"He's not much but he's wearing Axe."

For the longest time products have been advertised to men as the one sure fire way to have women swooning and tripping over (and sometimes fighting among) themselves. Also there are ads where when faced with a choice between something highly important and a man the product in question is sure to tip the scales in his favor right?

"Eternal salvation? Good smelling guy?
Eternal salvation? Good smelling guy?"

Axe makes my soul burn with a fiery passion that surpasses even the Power Cosmic but let us move on shall we?

I think cars and sports speak for themselves so let's go on to web domain spaces. Yes I'm going there.

Still not sure how these women make the domain space sold by
Go Daddy superior to domain space sold by other registrars.

Finally we have food with sex. The strategy of getting guys to buy certain brands of food by getting us to think about sex and food at the same time. Because that's all we need right? Give us food and give us sex and the rest will take care of itself. But I'm not going with the obvious Burger King ad that caused an uproar last year. No I'm going to go a bit further out for an example.

Who knew women had to pull back their hair and
bob their heads when eating noodles?

As I said at the beginning the five items they brought up are accurate, I just think they missed a really big one. If you go back and look at anything that is advertised to men I bet nearly every single ad will invoke at least one of these. And its a problem.

First and foremost these methods of advertising pretty much case men as a monolithic entity that all think the same and we will respond to the same stimulation. These agencies can thank the highly restrictive and oppressive gender roles that we are all bound by for being able to do this. Secondly a lot of these methods don't speak very highly of women. Unfortunately marketing execs keep using these methods for one reason and one reason only.

People are still buying their products, which shows that these highly offensive ways actually work.