Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NC Democratic gubernatorial debate - Third Stage

So I watched the last of the three debates tonight and I have to say that there really isn't much to tell. They literally retreaded what had been discussed the last two nights. Education, job market, fracking, etc....

With the primaries coming up in a few weeks I really do have the feeling that voting for any one of them would amount to voting for the same person. There isn't much to separate Faison, Etheridge, and Dalton. On one hand I think this does good for it shows that the Democrats appear to be on a united front on how to jump start this state (and let me tell you, it needs it). But on the other there really isn't much to distinguish them from each other besides their views on fracking and that's no much of a difference (Faison is totally against it while Dalton and Etheridge would like to see more data on it).

I'll say this as of right now I'm not sure which way my vote would go in May.