Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 93

In an effort to build up the Ethecofem community into a place where any walk of life will feel welcome to come and discuss things we are looking for another regular contributor, preferably of the female persuasion to balance things out a bit, but anyone interested is welcome. We like a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives. And as always April is on the eternal lookout for guest bloggers as well. If you're interested drop a line at ethecofem[at]gmail[dot]com.

Also feel free to treat this as an Open Thread.

Alright if all is well I am out buying a bed for my new apartment today so I'll have something to crash on after going out and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style (and put myself out there in social ways I've been too scared to do before). I didn't get to do much in the way of looking around this week but I did come across a few videos to share.

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Citizens United vs FEC

TyphonBlue responds to claims that the Men's Rights Movement is a hate movement.

Yeah I know...

Something to lighten the mood before I go.

Alright people keep it real!