Thursday, March 15, 2012

Theater Thursday: Terra Nova - A chance for a S2?

(I'm about to talk openly about Terra Nova. Its been dropped from FOX network but if you don't want it spoiled then don't read this.)

If you haven't heard it looks like FOX's prehistoric series, Terra Nova, has been dropped by the network. The production company is currently shopping around for another network in hopes of getting a second lease on life with one of the reasons for the drop from FOX being the unfavorable budget-to-ratings ratio (as in the budget was getting too big but the ratings wasn't growing with it) I don't have much faith in it getting picked up. And like any show that is dropped or cancelled there are loose ends that get left untied. I have my own idea(s) about what S2 would have been.

Just to recap. The series starts in the year 2149. The Earth has been so ravaged and stripped by humanity that resources are scarce and families have been limited to 2 children. Enter the Shannon family. Jim a police officer, Elisabeth a doctor, and their children Josh, Maddy, and Zoe. Yes they have broken the law by having a third child and when they are found out Jim is sentenced to prison.

In this era scientists discover a rift in time which allows for travel back to 85 million BC. Soon after groups of people are sent back in time on "pilgrimages" in an effort to give humanity a second chance with earth. Elisabeth Shannon is chosen to join such a pilgrimage with her family. In true tv she breaks her husband Jim out of prison and he joins them in the past. Passage though the portal takes them back to 85 million BC to the colony Terra Nova. Once there though all is not as it seems.

Turns out it looks like the company that had been sponsoring this effort weren't doing with it the purpose of saving the human race but rather with the intent of lining their pockets from picking the earth clean in the distant past and sending the valuable resources to the future. Long story short once that truth is discovered the corporation sends a small mercenary force into Terra Nova to take over. In a last ditch effort to truly try to save humans Jim is able to go back to 2149 and destroy the portal (but making it back through just before its destroyed). In response the invading forces immediately and mysteriously retreat from Terra Nova and head into an area known as The Badlands.

One final clue is shown that I think tells why they headed there. Just before the episode ended a item that was retrieved from The Badlands is uncovered. The item being the mast of a ship that is believed to be from the 18th century. I don't think I'm thinking anything unique here when I say I believe I know what would have happened if S2 had been made. Here goes.

Okay if an army, especially one backed by a corporation, engages in something this major and this risky they are going to look up ever possible scenario, collect all possible intel, and examine all angles. When force fall back after losing a battle they usually don't wander aimlessly so I think we can say that they actively chose to go to The Badlands. There was a reason they went that way and I think the mast is a clue.

That's right...

I bet that mast DID come from the 18th century. Chances are in 2149 there is some record of some known explorer that went on a voyage, never to be heard from again (they may make up someone or use an actual explorer from that era). Malcolm was probably goind to do some sort of testing or research and conclude that mast did come from that lost ship. Somehow that explorer found another way to get to 85 million BC, proof that there is at least one other portal. The army/corporation fell back to The Badlands to work on a way to reconnect to 2149.

It would be real nice if this show makes it to another network but I just don't think it will. The ratings weren't that high and the costs were.

So what do you think? You like my idea of what was going to happen in S2 or do you think differently?