Friday, March 9, 2012

Positive Spin my ass...

So Huggies is running a new campaign in which their diapers are put to The Ultimate Test. What is this Ultimate Test you ask?


Yeah this one again. Huggies is pushing its brand on the premise that dads are so inept that they present the grandest of all challenges for diapers. You hear that dads? Huggies wagers that you are so terrible at raising your babies that you need to buy their brand of diapers in order to have a chance of doing it right.

I read about it over at Ozy's place last night (where you can get a link to the main ad of the campaign) and instead of typing my full explanation again I'm going to link to it and copy/paste it.:
I’m trying to think of a way they’d be able to advertise their product using dads + babies in a positive manner before I send them my thoughts. Anyone have any ideas?

This is going to be a tough one (at least for me because I have no kids and I’ve never cared for anyone else’s).

The ad seems to be saying that “Our diapers are so great that even dads who are alone with their babies, that are full of food, for a very long won’t have any problems.”

The thing is when it comes to parenting dads are portrayed as idiots. Well in the changing times its seen as something “positive” to say that a product is so good even an idiot can use it. Problem is its still pretty much calling that person an idiot or at least that person has some ineptitude at the task at hand. Not too different from the “Not bad, for a woman.” like comment when said woman does a great job at things that are considered “guy stuff” like fixing cars.

Imagine Craftsman tools doing an ad where a woman fixes a car and present it as “We’re going to put these tools to the ultimate test. A woman. By herself. Broken down on the freeway. With no cell signal.” I think most of us here can agree that it was probably not her choice of tools that saw her through that situation but her skills, right? Same thing with these dads and diapers. Unless someone really wants to try to argue that using Huggies over any other brand is the reason those guys were doing alright with their babies and not the skills of the dads in question.

But anyway I think one way to do this in a positive spin would be to present it as “When it comes to most important people in their lives these dads know to trust Huggies.” instead of “Our diapers are so great that even dads who are alone with their babies, that are full of food, for a very long won’t have any problems.”. The goal being to say that the dads are good and have the skills to be parents and as a result they know to pick that brand rather than saying the dads would be hopeless without that brand’s product.

Oh I bet people are patting themselves all over their backs on how "dad positive" this is. Problem is as I say its not dad positive its Huggies positive. This ad is not centered around promoting the idea that dads are capable parents. This ad is centered around the idea that dads need Huggies in order to be capable parents (at least capable of baby care). In other words its about the product.

That's not the positive spin we need for dads.