Friday, March 2, 2012

One line to ruin them all

So we have the organization Rape Is No Joke gaining traction on a proposal on a way to dealing with rape claims.

I'm not going to bother going over the whole thing but you should because it is an interesting read. No I'm going straight to the one part that made my see red.

Anyone that has ever heard talk about the damage that false rape allegations knows one thing for certain and one thing for sure. When it comes to false rape allegations no one really seems to give a damn about the falsely accused. So this part should be of no surprise:
Enormous damages are done by making a false allegation of rape to the police, media, and the courts. One of the biggest damages is to the credibility of rape victims in the eyes of jurists. We all need to work together to fix that.
See what they did there?
Yes the enormous damage that's being done is to the victims of rape, police, media, and the courts. Once again when someone is falsely accused its all "what about teh real victims?". Can we take a moment to recognize that a person that was falsely accused of rape is a real victim of an actual crime?

This is the reason that people don't really care about false rapes in the first place. They don't take them seriously out of fearing of harming the "real victims". Look I'm not trying to say that people who are raped aren't affected but name me one other crime where the actual victim is disregarded for someone else. When someone's Cadillac is stolen do we worry about the other Cadillac owners who haven't been robbed yet? When a person is shot do we focus all the attention on other people nearby who weren't shot? When a big Visa has its data stolen do we suddenly get worried about Master Card customers? No we don't.

And as for the police, media, and courts well they are a part of the reason people that are falsely accused get such a hard deal in the first place. So why should they get priority concern over the person that was falsely accused?

I have an idea. Maybe if people started to show actual concern for the falsely accused to show that false accusers just can't falsely accuse them with impunity then maybe, just maybe, that will put a damper on their plans.