Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Yes I managed to get moved, somewhat settle and back online a lot sooner than normal. I've moved to a city (notice that I didn't say "new city") and things are looking fine so far. So many more things to get into. Found a gay club on my second night in town because for just about anyone that wants drinks, fun, a good DJ spinning dance music, and a low chance of violence this is a must.

In the furniture department I scored big time. Had to buy a PC desk, dresser, and book shelf (that I'm pretty sure pales in comparison to the magnitude of my book collection) and I was given an entertainment center. The PC desk and dresser are put together and damn that's a lot of screws. I see why pre-assembled furniture is so damn expensive. The book shelf and entertainment center shouldn't be too bad to do this weekend. But the real score was the friend in town that was getting rid of a lot of stuff. She was getting rid of so much stuff that I actually furnished my entire living room with her leftovers (and we're talking stuff that is less than a year old).

My new queen sized bed is nice. Damn that mattress is so soft and great to sleep on and the new pillows I bought are simply a-mah-zing.

I'm right in the middle of everything so stuff isn't too far out. Grocery store within walking distance. Multiple eating places within a short drive. I even have a WalMart, Target, Barnes and Noble, and Casual Male XL (a VERY awesome big and tall men's clothing store) all withing 1-2mi. of my place. And to make it even nicer the dear friends that I have always had to drive almost 5 hours to get in touch with once a year are now only about 2.5hr away (and bear in mind that when I used to "go to town" I was driving 2hr. in one direction). I'm settle into my cubicle at work and all things are looking nice. It feels like a new chapter of my life has started. However since the world didn't stop when I went away I don't think I can afford to stay away too long.

A lot has been happening. From the murder of Tryvon Martin, to things getting interesting at Good Men Project, to starting to find more common ground with folks I've butted heads with in the past, and more. A good man's work is never done. Time to hit the ground running.