Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heartless Night Owl

I've been marinating on my internet rage lately. Thinking about how I've taken my legitimate grievances to an unfair level. And just like anyone who is rethinking the path they walk one of the hardest things to see is a person that possibly looks like yourself, only difference being that they have traveled further down the path you yourself were walking. Hunter Moore may be such a man.

Moore is the creator of the so called "revenge porn" site isanyoneup.com. The idea behind revenge porn on this is people getting back at those that have hurt them by posting nude and sexually suggestive pictures of the offending party on the internet for any and all to see. I'm no stranger to the idea of wanting to hurt someone as badly as I've been hurt (in fact its one of the parts of the Scorpio zodiac that actually fit me to a T). Someone does something that hurts and the belief is that hurting them back will make you feel. However while revenge does make you feel better (contrary to what some may say in my experience getting someone back is quite satisfying but I'll get back to that another day) it can lead to rather destructive consequences.

Looking back in his past I think we can see that Moore didn't just wake up and decide to build this site for the public humiliation of others.:
Moore says that when he was 15, he had his heart broken by his first love, a girl named Rachel, and he traces much of what happened in his life since to that seminal moment. “The only way to get to a point where you have no feelings, you have to have your heart ripped out and shit on,” Moore says. “I hate to use the term ‘heartless,’ but you have to have something traumatic happen to get there.”
And that wasn't the end of his troubles:
Several years later, Moore recalls, he was attacked by a fellow employee while working the cash register at a retail store. “A guy at work hired me thinking I was gay and put his hands down my pants in front of a customer while I was ringing them up at a retail store,” Moore says. “I hit him in the nose and then he threw me against the wall—he was about 300 pounds—and dragged me across the floor. I sued the company.” He pauses. “That’s why lawyers don’t really intimidate me, because I’ve been through the wringer a few times.”
After bouncing around different locations and jobs, including some "horrible shit" as he calls it, Moore eventually bought the domain name of isanyoneup.com and was originally going to use as a review site for night spots. But while having a fling with a woman who was soon to be engaged he got requests to post pictures of said woman and from there history was made.

First off just because I'm sure someone reading this is going to accuse me of trying to say that having his heart broken and being sexually assaulted justifies what he has done with this site. Not the case at all.

I have to say that this scared me a bit. What if I were to continue down the path I was traveling and ended up like that? Posting nude and sexual pictures of people on the net for my own profit and not a care the people that I would undoubtedly be hurting? Sure I can tell myself, "But I'd never stoop that low." but I'm really not sure.

But anyway plain and simple what this guy is doing has gone too far. On one hand I do feel for him over the things that happened to him in the past. I've never been sexually assaulted and I've never been a relationship and got crushed by a partner but from what I've see, heard, and read there is no question that these things are terrible. I wouldn't say that he is motivated by misandry or misogyny but rather he seems to be simply motivated by a hatred that lashes out at anyone. And the fact that people are sending these photos to him for display shows that he is not the only one like this.

When looking at people around me giving in to such hatred, seeing people who have seen the damage and are trying to turn away from it, seeing people who have gone past where I am, seeing people who are on their way to where I was (and possibly beyond) I just wonder what will it take to stop it.