Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Good Man Indeed Stage 5

Despite what people like to say about men there are good ones out there. Good ones that try to make the world, or at least themselves, better. These men are rarely talked it. That should change.

Matt Logelin is a man that has been raising his daughter as a single father since her mother died shortly after she was born. It would seem that his daughter Maddy has taken a liking to comic books. Matt knows nothing about comic books and now embarking on a quest to learn about them with her.

I like this for two reasons. One its a girl whose interest in comics is not getting dismissed as "boy's stuff" by her dad. Two in what seems to be a great display of parenting he's actually immersing himself into the world of comic books with her. Sounds like any other parent/child activity like hunting, cooking, etc...

You're a good man Matt Logelin.

Fro tip to Ozy.