Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Common Ground: I want to try to find it again

A while back I had a conversation with someone and when we got to a particular subject things got...interesting. I've concluded that this is simply what one would call an irreconcilable difference. Neither she nor I will budge on the topic. But there is something to consider. Well two things.

1. We aren't married or anything like that.

Said irreconcilable difference isn't world shattering. Sure there are times when they can end a relationship but this isn't one of them.

2. We share a lot of common ground.

This counts for a lot. For the most part she and I agree on a lot of things (in fact this is probably this recent topic is probably the one serious disagreement we've ever had). I've come across people in the past with whom I shared a lot but the differences were just too great. Or they were too great for me to put up with anyway.

But I want to try something different. Unlike in the past where I would just write someone off over the slightest difference I'm gonna try to keep the common ground in mind. Yes this one topic would lead to an ultimately pointless loop but there is no point in getting into the loop when there is so much we agree on otherwise.

And besides she did something that really differentiates herself from folks have had issues with before. She called me friend. That means a lot. When its just some random person you will probably never meet in the flesh you may tend to not care when the sparks fly. But when its someone that calls you friend well that means they have put some value to the relationship. That value is what makes the search for common ground worth a try despite my previous dealings with this topic.

Before I would have said damn the common ground. But I want to try to get beyond that. Hopefully it will go well for me.