Thursday, March 29, 2012

Advertising a product with rape?

It would seem that are some sick minds working in the advertising department of Belvedere Vodka. That image you see there? Yeah that's an ad that they recently released.

And queue the usual apology.

I don't very much like the implication that as a man (and I bet a lot of other men too) I would drink vodka and then go rape someone and I bet there's women that don't like the idea of seeing a woman about to be raped as an advertisement and I bet there are men that don't like the idea of seeing a woman about to be raped as an advertisement and I bet there are women that don't like the idea that a man is being depicted as a rapist as an advertisement.

Time to ante up and tell these folks this is not funny, hip, responsible, positive, sexy, or anything of that nature.

Tell them how you really feel.

Edit. I got a response from them today:
Thank you for taking the time to write to us. In the past several days, Belvedere Vodka has received a number of emails regarding the offensive post we made on Facebook and Twitter on the afternoon of March 23. Unfortunately I cannot respond personally to each email, but I very much want to respond in some way. Please allow me to do so here.

The post was completely inappropriate and contrary to my values and to the values of our Company, and I would like to apologize personally to you for it. This never should have happened, and both the Company and I are taking the steps necessary to make sure that it never happens again. We deeply regret this lapse.

Belvedere Vodka has made a donation to RAINN, America's largest anti-sexual violence organization, and has committed to working with RAINN on key projects. While this does not, and cannot, change the situation, it is made in the hope that something positive can come from this episode. If you would like to see RAINN’s response, please visit its Facebook page,

Charles Gibb
President, Belvedere Vodka