Monday, February 27, 2012

Unlearn what you have learned

If you have been following my Tumblr you would have seen this a few weeks ago. You have been following my Tumblr right? Well if not then don't worry as I will be totally awesome and bring something over from it.

A while back a saw this rather interesting picture while surfing through Tumblr and just had to say something. (The link is here however be warned that this image is so NSFW on a count of full frontal female nudity.)

Here is what I had to say. (I'm not gong to bother blockquoting because its coming from one of my own sites.)

It's pictures like these that make me question my sexuality sometimes. Oh but not the way that you think.

What I mean by that is people expect a guy to see a picture like this and go on about how sexually attractive said woman is. Don’t get me wrong she is. However when I looked at this picture my first thoughts were not about how desirable she is but about the photo itself.

The background. The slight wind that’s blowing her hair. Wondering what she’s looking at. The almost sad look on the side of her face you can see. Yeah all those things registered through my head before sex did. That makes me wonder about my sexuality.

But…it shouldn’t.

There is no reason that a guy’s sexuality should be thought of as questionable just because he noticed something else other than “how hawt is she?” when looking at a pic of a nude woman. There is no shame in sex not being the first thing on a guy’s mind.

That’s the type of thing that must be unlearned.