Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh you don't know why Rihanna complained?

Well Rihanna might have complained because, oh I don't know, she was severely beaten?

This shit is low. Right down there with guys saying, "She can rape me anytime." when talking about a female rapist. (Which I have to admit I've said before, something else to remove from the vocabulary.)

I'm not saying its wrong to find Chris Brown attractive but surely there is a better way to express it than by belittling his abuse victim?

Yes that is precisely what they are doing. By pretending that what he did to her wasn't that bad and wondering "why she complained" they are minimizing the fact that Rihanna was attacked by this guy, quite brutally.

Hell I think Mary J. Blige is an attractive woman but there's no way in hell I'd date a woman and pretend its no big deal that she punched her husband at a club and then taunted him with the very attack these girls are belittling (yes she actually said after hitting him, "What're you gonna do, Chris Brown me?").