Friday, February 24, 2012

Kenyan women unspeakably abusive

This is the video I'm talking about in this post but I put a link instead of embedding because it almost immediately opens with images of men with severe injuries from being abused by their wives. Tread carefully.

The video is about the high amounts of wife against husband domestic violence in Kenya. Like I say in the warning the injuries are pretty graphic as most of them include massive amounts of scarring and a large number of burns (its almost like the abuse weapon of choice for those women is either a sharp object for cutting or some hot liquid being tossed onto these men).

But what really struck me was starting at about 1:40.

Using batters in quote marks.

"Working harder"

Saying the balance of women working harder than their husbands is a cause.

Being angry over not having the amount of sex they want.

Sounds like justification doesn't it? Maybe its because I'm American and this is coverage from outside America but this footage sounds a lot like it was attempting to sugar coat while these women were being abusive.

Abuse is not okay no matter which way its going.

Fro tip to Paul Elam for sharing.