Friday, February 17, 2012

I just keep coming across more reasons...

New Rule: If you believe that all people are feminists or bigots then you have just lost a massive amount of credibility.

From what I've read of feminists in my time I would like to think that people who are supposedly all about equality would be able to acknowledge the fact that its possible to believe in and work for equality and while not being a feminist.

You lose a lot of ground for cause with people when you try to stack the deck so that it looks like your solution is THE ONLY ONE and that anyone outside your solution is a bigot.

So to any feminist that believes this nonsense I want you to consider something. When you go around telling people that they are wrong just because they are not feminists or that they are ignorant because they aren't feminists or that they don't really believe in equality because they aren't feminists you are showing YOUR OWN bigotry. So when you start wanting to get riled up over why people don't identify as feminist don't just go looking for the Rush Limbaughs, mean MRAs, or "the media". No also take some time to look in your own camp for thoughts like this and the people who practice them.

There are a lot of us out there that don't identify as feminist and attitudes like this are the precise reason why. But to answer your question no the existence of this attitude doesn't mean your entire movement is bad. It just means that its got a flaw. There are other ideas in your camp that we agree with but when you make something like "either you're a feminist or the enemy" the bar of entry you simply turn us off. And you will only have yourselves to thank for it.