Friday, February 24, 2012

Because sometimes you just fuck up.

So I put a post up at Renee's place and things got heated.

Someone accused me of excusing DV and I asked for proof. And low and behold someone did find an instance where I thought it was funny. Not the same as excusing but still wrong. A while back on my Tumblr page I posted this:

You know what? The person that pointed this out was right to call me on this.

I did find this funny and even went through the motions of justifying why it was funny.

"Oh its not real people."

"Its using a popular internet meme."

"Who is going to take this seriously?"

Well people who are serious about not finding assault funny should take it seriously and I didn't.

The fact that its invoking a popular internet meme doesn't make it funny.

The fact that they aren't real people in the comic doesn't change the fact that its making fun of something that does affect real people.

I laughed at something that was not funny and that was wrong. I've been working on doing my part to try to change the world for the better and this time I dropped the ball big time. Can't confront something as serious as assault/violence as long as the idea that its funny persists.

Obviously no one is perfect but that doesn't mean that things like this can slide.

I'm not going to try to change history and take that down. But I will link this post to that as a reminder that assault/violence is not funny, even if it does feature a popular internet meme.