Thursday, January 5, 2012

You got here by searching THAT?

I don't look at the search terms that lead people here too often but last night I did and it just, well take a look.

1.banana republic penis

2.good looking chubby man

3.fuck youoououou

4.i wanna get funky or christ

5.i went to a party mom it to okay to masturbate while talking to someone

7.laughing of women in kieu becker case

8.pokemon on pokemon sex

9.skyrim sex

10.touch starved men

I got nothing...


Clarissa said...

The one I really don't get is the pokemon sex. Probably I'm just too old. :-)

These are hilarious searches.

Danny said...

In all fairness Clarissa there is an explanation behind the "pokemon sex" one.

Its a post a did last year on the way charm magic is used in tv and movies.