Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 86

In an effort to build up the Ethecofem community into a place where any walk of life will feel welcome to come and discuss things we are looking for another regular contributor, preferably of the female persuasion to balance things out a bit, but anyone interested is welcome. We like a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives. And as always April is on the eternal lookout for guest bloggers as well. If you're interested drop a line at ethecofem[at]gmail[dot]com.

Also feel free to treat this as an Open Thread.

Quiz: How did Manboobz’s feminist commenters respond to a man’s account of rape?: I wonder how much longer people are going keep defending this kind of stuff at Manboobz by just whining that "Its a snark site."

Woman gets life sentence in Md. yoga shop murder: Woman found guilty of brutally murdering a co-worker. Her cover? She claimed that said coworker had been killed (and she herself sexually assaulted) by two unknown men.

Double Standard in Action: Remember. Its only bad when male students do it.

Sexual Assault - Male Victims: A reminder that no matter how you look at the stats one cannot assume that when hearing about a sexual assault the victim is a female.

Former Shelter Director Accused of Sexual Assault: Abuses of power to cover sexual assaults like this are truly sickening.

Its Pictures Like This...Something that suddenly hit me while surfing Tumblr this week. Normally I'd put up the actual picture but its so NSFW (full frontal nude woman to be exact).

CNN Owes Fathers An Apology: Good Men Project calling out a bit of anti-male bias at CNN Living.

College Presidents Have Problems With Obama's Message On Tuition: It would seem that college presidents don't like the fact that Obama is putting them on blast for basically raising tuition on an annual basis.

MPAA Exec Admits: 'We're Not Comfortable With The Internet': Looks like the MPAA failed to learn some important facts after that whole SOPA/PIPA throw down. First rule of the interntz: No one entity controls it. Second rule of the internetz: You can't gain control of it just by dealing with a single entity.

Overcoming Abuse and Becoming a Good Man:"People ask me why I am an MRA, why I avoid anything with a feminist label. The answer is simple: I have seen and been part of a damaging past that has happened through bad people using feminism as an excuse to hate and to do bad things. I have been diminished and despised because I’m a man. I don’t hate women because of this. I know there are more good women than bad, in the same way that there are more good men than bad. But the MRA is one place where I haven’t been judged. I haven’t been made to feel shame for what has happened to me. I haven’t been called a liar or been made to feel like one."

Why I’ll NEVER let my ex’s new girlfriend meet my son: I'm having a hard time taking this as anything other than greed and spite with a twist of jealousy.

Professor Charles Francis Xavier the SuperCrip: Just remember folks she's talking about the movie Xavier, not the comic Xavier.

Velveteen by Kanno Yohko w/ Ilaria Graziano on vocals