Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 85

In an effort to build up the Ethecofem community into a place where any walk of life will feel welcome to come and discuss things we are looking for another regular contributor, preferably of the female persuasion to balance things out a bit, but anyone interested is welcome. We like a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives. And as always April is on the eternal lookout for guest bloggers as well. If you're interested drop a line at ethecofem[at]gmail[dot]com.

Also feel free to treat this as an Open Thread.

Five Key Challenges Listed for International Men’s Day 2012: Pelle Billing laying out 5 subjects for the upcoming International Men's Day.

Body image concerns more men than women, research finds: Could it be that people are finally recognizing that men do have body image issues? Its a great first step to helping guys like us out ain't it?

If You Think You Are Lonely. . .: Clarissa with some advice on feeling lonely.

We Could Be That Mistake: What does it say about the state of male sexuality when guys feel their only chance at sex is to hope to be a woman's regrettable sexual encounter?

I know its a movie but I do wonder if there are black women who actually have those view points.

Once Bitten: Toy Soldier on what is called "Vampire Syndrome", the belief that once a person is abused they will in turn become abusers themselves. Also he questions why this belief is applied to only male victims of abuse.

Boobs: Tori pointing out a Slate article that seems conflate small breasts with natural breasts. (And for the record as a guy that's attracted to women big boobs never took over, as many of us will agree there is such a thing as too large and that just about a hand full is the preferred size.)

Court: Boy, 16, Can’t Know His Biological Dad: Because the problem with men not being in their children's lives is never women. No its because men run out on their responsibilities right?

Men as the Solution, Not the Problem: James Landrith salutes the men making an impact in sexual violence work and survivor advocacy programs.

Have you even seen Death Battle? Its like Deadliest Warrior with video games.