Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Mashup Stage 83

In an effort to build up the Ethecofem community into a place where any walk of life will feel welcome to come and discuss things we are looking for another regular contributor, preferably of the female persuasion to balance things out a bit, but anyone interested is welcome. We like a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives. And as always April is on the eternal lookout for guest bloggers as well. If you're interested drop a line at ethecofem[at]gmail[dot]com.

Also feel free to treat this as an Open Thread.

Womanly Women and Manly Men: Apparently there are some who think actors/actresses should abide by traditional gender roles. (No not Clarissa, she's criticizing someone who does think that way.)

Yes, Men Can Stop Rape (But Why Stop There?): James Landrith on why trying to condense rape awareness and prevention into the phrase "Men can stop rape" is not as grand as it may sound.

Hope for infertile men: Breakthrough as scientists grow sperm outside the body: Interesting. Though I wonder how people who are against cloning and genetic manipulation are going to react to this.

Production Stops On 'Akira,' Project Near Death: Thank goodness someone had the foresight to prevent this horrible live action adaptation. No I'm sure the content would be fine but when you adapt a movie full of Asian characters into a live action movie of White characters that's enough for me to call it horrible.

Another Innocent Man Sentenced to Life in Prison: Because even the laws of time and space aren't enough to save a black man from being convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

New Year's Eve most dangerous night of the year for domestic violence: So is New Year's Eve going to become the Super Bowl of DV myths?

Stop whining, you pathetic little man…..: A little advice on how to deal with those who accuse men of "whining" (where whining = having the gaul to disagree).

Alright people take it easy!!!