Monday, January 16, 2012

Third question about profiling

So now that you've had a bit to think about question two let us continue.

This is actually going to more simple than I thought it would be. I was expecting to bring in my dear black man as a test case but I don't think I have to. A lot of the people that talk about profiling usually have it correct that few people are profiled as violent criminals waiting to strike as black men (well Latino men come close and you may be thinking Muslims and while that is true I think that's a bit too focused to say that Muslims fit this bill) are. Even though the black man stands on the intersection two stereotypical trains (the intersection of "Be suspicious of men" and "Be suspicious of black people") I don't think I need to ask a round of questions about him (however feel free to comment on this if you wish). So I'll skip straight to the final question(s).

Why is it that people think that its okay to be suspicious of some groups but not of others?

And because they are two different things why is it that people think that its okay to presume the wort faith in every member of a group for no other reason than being a member of that group?