Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don't fret...the comments aren't gone

You may have noticed that there are no comments on my posts right? That's because I took a gamble and installed Intense Debate on my blog, which resulted in my comments being hidden. They aren't actually gone I can still see them in my Blogger Dashboard. However I learned the hard way that there is currently no way to import Blogger comments into Intense Debate (like I said I took a gamble).

So don't fear all the words we have exchanged over the last few years are still there, we just can't access them now.

As for when you comment you have the options of commenting with Intense Debate, Wordpress, OpenID, or as a Guest by just filling in the Name field (for those of you who wish to post anonymously feel free to make up something to throw in there).


Let Intense Debate Begin!!!!!