Sunday, December 25, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 81

Merry Christmas folks! Once you've gotten all your gifts open and have stuff yourself with a big meal you know you're gonna be ready to sit back for some reading right? Then take a look at what I've found this week.

Ukrainian Feminists Are Brutalized in Byelorussia: "I understand that the reason why people don’t want to read them is not indifference. It is, rather, a sense of impotence. Nobody knows how the situation can be helped. I believe, however, that knowledge and awareness are the best – and the only – ways to help. If people in other countries know what’s going on, if they are aware of the facts, they are already doing a lot."

Survivor’s Tales: Victims of Abuse, Come Forward: "There are more survivors like me out there, recovering from and dealing with their trauma under the merciless haranguing wrought by female perpetrators or bullies. For those of you who fit that description, this will be your moment."

Either a penitent or a buffoon.: "Of course, it’s difficult to prove a broad proposition such as “women are granted more moral authority than men in sexual matters”, but men’s silence speaks volumes. Feminist thinker Thomas Millar says that men have “ceded the field” in talking about male sexuality, and says this is because men are a prisoner of privilege. But how privileged is a man who continually and strategically keeps his mouth shut?"

Even if the idea of "custody papers" may be above a 7yr old this is still pretty sad.

Police: Baby dies after underwater home birth: I'm betting it was just a horrible occurrence but I think this might be a case to stress the proper training of midwives.

12 indicted in forcible beard- and hair-cuttings of Ohio Amish: "Twelve members of a breakaway Amish sect were indicted on federal charges for allegedly shaving the beards and cutting the hair of Amish community members, the Justice Department said Tuesday."

Unprovoked attacks at heart of 'Knockout King': This is just brutal. There is definitely something wrong with our youth today that think such acts of violence are okay to carry out.

I don't listen to much violin music but when I do I prefer it like this. Stay classy my friends.

Take it easy!


Clarissa said...

Thank you for the link, Danny!

Danny said...

Anytime Clarissa!