Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I wonder if its a Smuggler Thing or a Guy Thing

So I've been neck deep in Star Wars: The Old Republic (which I will from here on out call TOR) for the last few days. I fucking love that game so much that Skyrim (once I buy it in a few days) will pretty much exist for when I want a break from TOR or my internet is out. But I've been more mindful of things in recent times, things that I probably would not have batted an eye at just a few years ago. Check this out.

Now for those of you not familiar with MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) you are in the role of a character that is interacting not only with an online world but with other people that are also playing characters in this online world. Well a part of this online world are NPCs. NPCs are Non Playable Player Characters that you may or interact with in order to progress through the game. Most of them are just there as part of the scenery (much like extras in the background of a movie, just there to take up space) however there are certain NPCs that you will interact with in some capacity. This capacity could range from something as simple as talking to something as complicated performing a set of tasks (usually referred to as quests) to something as difficult as killing them (usually also part of questing). Now that that is explained a bit let's move on.

Many online games are set up so that the character (sometimes called avatar or toon) you play is chosen from a list of classes. A class is a archetype with skills, abilities, and talents that usually point to specific roles. For example a mage type class (wizard, sorceress, cleric, etc...) is going to be geared toward magical abilities (also meaning that you won't be much good in an old fashioned knuckle shuffle brawl, hey can't have everything). Sometimes people who play MMORPGs will make choices that would reflect the mentality of their class. Like for instance if you are a mage type class and had to choose between getting an ancient book or an ancient sword you would more than likely choose the book (and chances are you won't even be able to use the sword anyway). Now let's take class related choices to another level.

How about instead of a mage type choosing between an ancient sword or ancient book you and your mage are talking to someone and they mention an ancient sword and an ancient book and you now have the choice of questioning them further about the book or sword? Now with those two choices you have options. Obviously asking about the book would be more fitting for your class BUT if you wanted you could ask about the sword. With classes and choices established let's move on with specifics.

If you are not familiar with Star Wars well my first question is how can you not have at least heard of it? I can understand you know of it but don't like it but never heard of it? Odd. Anyway Star Wars is a science fiction like fantasy story set in a "Galaxy Far Far Away". In the Star Wars universe we have smugglers. Their name is pretty self explanatory. Questionable morality, usually looking out for self, but when around they can be the wild card that can spell victory or defeat. Or Han Solo. The smuggler is one of several classes that you can play as in TOR and along with the gunslinging, smart mouth, and quick thinking comes the desire to charm, flirt, and sweet talk their way past every woman they cross paths with. And sure enough the smuggler class will grant you the opportunity to do just this.

I'm serious. My main is a human smuggler and for almost every single notable woman I've come across so far there has been the opportunity to flirt with them. But I will say that at least its not limited to "eye candy" type women. No no my dear smuggler has had the option to flirt with smart engineers, take no shit secret agents, and even a Senator. So far I've only tried three times and only one of those responded (and to top that off that one was actually in league with the guy that stole my ship at the start of my game). Yeah so along with shooting my way into detention centers (because anyone can break out of jail, try breaking into one), trying to recover stolen cargo with a bounty on my head, and weighing my conscience against my wallet (don't worry my conscience usually wins....) I also get to work on my romance skills.

But something is off.

First name a female smuggler/scoundrel type from the Star Wars universe. Unless you're into the books and comics you more than likely can't (and I'll admit that since I haven't touched a Star Wars book in nearly 10 years I've forgotten any that may exist). So here's my question.

Does the female smuggler have options to flirt with people like the male smuggler?

Now as any of you that pay attention to how gender roles are pressed upon men then you know that when it comes to being a man one of the defining traits of a "real man" is luck with the ladies and the smuggler is an epitome of this. The smuggler is supposed to be suave, smooth talking, and a hit with women. Leaving a trail of broken, cheated, and stolen hearts across the galaxy. Well how does that change if the smuggler is a woman? Would the female smuggler leave a trail of broken, cheated and stolen hearts across the galaxy? Would she have the options to flirt with the same women? Would the trademark charm that's the hallmark of the smuggler suddenly be deleted?

It would be interesting to experiment. Or perhaps someone reading this has rolled (fancy talk for "created") a female smuggler and knows the answer, thus saving me the trouble of running the smuggler's storyline again so soon?


JE said...

NPC is Non Player Character actually. (unless the creators of TOR backronymed it into something other than usual).

If I do get TOR, which I currently have no plans for but I might change my mind, I'll play a female smuggler and post the results here

Danny said...

No you're actually right JE its Non Player Character. I don't know why I said Playable...

But please if you do get around to it share what you find out.

Anonymous said...

It's mostly a guy thing. Every class my boyfriend has started gets a lot of flirting options, but all the female ones I've played usually see none, or if they are lucky they get one. My smuggler does get a few flirt options, but at lv30 I have only seen the option with 3 different NPCs, and of course she can flirt with Corso.

I feel like they neglected the girls in this area, and I'm not really happy about it. Girls like to flirt too! :)

Danny said...

Hey there Anonymous.

As far as the game is concerned I think it might be a guy thing where there is a presumption of Smuggler = Guy. Or at least Smuggler = Stereotypical traits of guys. Its an associate thing I guess where the developers figured that the Smuggler class must have certain "guy" traits which includes a lot of flirting. It would be one thing if it were like an extra option or something but damn I had the option to flirt when it didn't even make sense.

Unless when talking to a Senator about how to stop an assassination plot is a good time to flirt with her.