Friday, November 11, 2011

What in the hell happened with Uncharted 3?

(I'm going to be talking about the Uncharted series of video games for the Playstation 3 gaming system. I will be spoiling the hell out of them so tread carefully.)

Over the last few weeks I've been watching playthroughs of the Uncharted series of games. Well earlier today I finished off Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Don't get me wrong the game is good but it disappointed me on two major points.

The second title in the series, named Among Thieves, a new character named Chloe is introduced. She's a thief with a history of working with Drake and she manages to survive Among Thieves in order to appear in the final installment, Drake's Deception. Well she's in the game for about 2/3 of it and out of nowhere she just decides the stakes are too high and leaves. I was at least hoping that she would appear at the end of the game just to show that she was still alive, cared about he rest of the crew or something. No she just vanishes. A character by the name of Charlie Cutter who is introduced in Drake's Deception suffers the same disappearing fate. No mention, no last minute appearance (although to be fair his last appearance ends with him breaking his leg). But that's not what really grated my nerves.

Just to set things up let me tell you how the main villains died the first two times around. In the first title, Drake's Fortune, the main villain met his end by inhaling a dust that causes one to mutate and being shot when charging his right hand man (said right hand man got him to inhale the dust, knowing what would happen). The main villain of the second game, Among Thieves, is killed by being mauled to death by a sect of warriors charged with defending a tree whose sap grants super powers.

Now these deaths sound a lot like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie right? Some f'd up way to go out followed by the main characters riding off into the sunset. Guess how the main villain dies in Drake's Deception. She drowns in quicksand.

You caught that right? I said SHE. Yes the main villain in the third installment is a woman. A woman that, just like the two villains before her, has no problem with killing people and thinks she is above everyone else.

I would really hate to think that the folks at Naughty Dog didn't write her demise to be so relatively harmless just because she's a she but when compared to the previous two I can't help doing so.

Now don't get me wrong the game isn't all that perfect in terms of how it deals with women. This main villain is only the third major female character to be introduced in the series, and she dies leaving us with two (although to be fair even if you count Cutter there are only three major male characters). But I don't think a lack of female characters should justify giving them a less gruesome death.

But I will say in terms of action and keeping you the edge of your see the games are pretty damn nice. And speaking of Indiana Jones I'll go as far as to say that these games are what an Indiana Jones game should be.

I'll give it 4 Witty Remarks out of 5.


Eagle33 said...

I have my reservations about Uncharted 3.

Though it looks even better than the first two, hasn't sacrificed what made it good (great characters, well written dialogue) and seems to have refined the gameplay in some areas, I recently played Uncharted 2 and still kept thinking "I highly doubt they'll be able to top this".

Uncharted 2 was that rare sequel which took everything, improved it, and just can't be beat. In other words, the developers have unfortunatly hit a peak which they can't possiblly rise further from.

I'll play Uncharted 3 one day and try not to think "You just can't top something like Uncharted 2". No expectations.

EasilyEnthused said...

Oh man, someone else in the gendersphere is into video games. Awesome.

I was disappointed in UC3. Although the graphics and puzzles were better, I thought that hand-holds were too obviously painted to make them stand out, the gunfights lasted way too long with too many enemies, and the trial-and-error method to chase scenes was frustrating.

If they had dialed them back to UC2's levels, I think it might have been a fun "More-of-the-same" revisit to the series. I quit playing about 80% through it.

Danny said...

I'll play Uncharted 3 one day and try not to think "You just can't top something like Uncharted 2". No expectations.
Actually it may not be that hard because from I saw (remember I was watching Youtube videos of this, not playing myself). U2 may well be the best of the three. The dialog feels a bit worn, the battles are pretty drawn out, and I really wasn't feeling the characters (especially the ones introduced in the third game).

Danny said...

Oh man, someone else in the gendersphere is into video games. Awesome.
Actually I used to be quite the gamer but I have fallen off a lot in the last few years. U2 seems to have raised the bar too high for U3.

I think they may have jumped their own shark on the series (and I was kinda hoping that they would maybe kill Sully, introduce a new kid, with the game ending with Nate taking the kid in like Sully took him in).