Friday, November 25, 2011

Things I learned/noticed/discovered at Anime USA

So this past weekend I went to Anime USA. Its the first anime convention I've been to in seven years and I was surprised that I was pretty much I fit right in despite being out of touch with that part of me for so long. Like really the only catching up I had to do was over the fact that the cosplayer scene had changed a lot due to the anime/manga that are hot now were either obscure or non existent seven years ago. And even then there were still plenty of folks representing the past (I saw a fricking Duo Maxwell, a female Duo Maxwell but in the world of anime we don't care about stuff like that).

1. I went to a Host Club. Originally I went for the relative quiet (like any convention anime cons can get quite loud and overwhelming, and I'm not the young overenergized punk I used to be) but took some time to check out the hosts and while they weren't much to my tastes I like the idea. There was also a Maid Cafe but it was earlier during the day when I was going to panels.

2. Speaking of panels they have come a long way since I remember. In the past it was all about just showing appreciation for the shows and manga and movie but now people are getting downright analytical about it.

For instance in one panel the panelists were psychoanalyzing various anime characters. Two conclusions were made. Vegeta from Dragonball Z fits all 9 DSM-IV criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Rurouni Kenshin (from the series of the same name) may exhibit some symptoms of PTSD its debatable that he suffers from it.

In another panel the panelist used Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for an examination of race relations, morals, and ethics. Good stuff. Even the part where a woman shouted, "May needs to die!" (For perspective May is a five year old girl from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.)

3. Which speaking of getting analytical about things this weekend in those panels I was finally able to form a thought that's been in the back of my mind for a long time. Examination of masculinity in anime is long overdue. The target audience of a lot of anime that comes to the States is male so why not take a look at how that plays out?

4. In a panel called "7 JRPGs that are better than FF7" I got to do something I thought I'd never get to do. Near the end someone asked, "Where's FF8?" I actually got to stand up and proclaim, "Maannn, FUCK Final Fantasy 8!!!!" And yes I got the same reason Cedric the Entertainer did when he used that line in The Barbershop.

5. Hi-Chew is one of the greatest candies ever made. Full Stop. In fact I'm going to order a box of this to go with the gift I'm giving to the woman whose name I drew for Secret Santa at work. She can't eat chocolate so she puts away a lot of fruit flavored candy.

6. There's a lot of anime that I need to go back in time and watch. Namely I need to look up Gainax's library (because if nothing else if you can't have a discussion about masculinity and anime without talking about Shinji Ikari, meaning I'll be rewatching Evangelion soon).

7. I picked up Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo from the dealer's room. Will be watched.

8. Went to one dealer that was selling yoai fan art and was shocked to see absolutely no Yumichika (from Bleach) art. How can you have yoai art and not have any of a guy that has a reputation of being obsessed with beauty? Seriously he's too the 5th rank position in his squad because the (kanji) character for 4 is ugly.

9. Once I move and have more space I am so going to start cosplaying. I'm thinking to start off either Mr. Tessai from Bleach, Kankuro from Naruto Shippuden, or Sig Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist.

10. The friends I ran with this time have already stated their desire to hit up Katsucon this coming February.

All in all it was a blast and I'm pumped and want to do it again.


Anonymous said...

No one likes FF8, but I've never heard anyone complain about the character design and everybody thinks gun swords are cool. Weird, isn't it?

Danny said...

I think the looks and music are about the only cool think about FF8. Frankly the game bored me to the point that I didn't even finish it.

But I don't find that weird at all. I'm sure you can think of plenty of things that look pretty on the outside but lack substance on the inside.

Anonymous said...

True, but you usually do not have to spend $55 and 70 hours on them.

Paul said...


Anyway, if it wasn't for the fact that I'd have to shell out 80 bucks for one, I was considering getting myself a shihaksho and going as a soul reaper for halloween this year.
If I dyed my hair blonde, I could probably pull off a Kisuke Urahara too.

Danny said...

I'll give you that TS.

Paul that would indeed be awesome. If I could figure out the arm I wouldn't mind doing a Sado cosplay.